Latzoni (latzoni) wrote in travelling_imps,

Kathy's big virtual BPAL swapmeet

I haven't done one of these super-sized swaps before, so this will be a tiered rollout; members of the smaller comms, like this one, will get first crack at everything. So to speak.

I'm interested in swapping (for BPAL, Trading Post or TAL stuff), bartering (for bath/body products, craft-y things, DVDs, unused makeup), or filthy lucre (money orders, non-credit-card Paypal, personal checks). Make me an offer, and see what you end up with.

Ace of Hearts (full to just above label)
Enraged Bunny Musk (full to shoulder) pending miaandmoe
Morella (full to just above label)
Chakras: Muladhara (full to shoulder)
Numb (full to shoulder, stained label)
Pumpkin Patch #4 (20% full) pending miaandmoe
Red Phoenix (full to just below label; stained label)
Sleepy Moon (full to neck)
Trick or Treat (60% full)
Uranus (full to shoulder)

Dracul (full to neck, appropriately enough)
Medea (10ml, 50% full, stained label)

All are full decants, unless otherwise stated. Please choose two or more.

Ace of Wands (90% full)
Bearded Lady (80% full)
Blood Moon (90% full)
Candy Butcher pending miaandmoe
Chaos Theory 2 (no number given – it's a surprise!)
Chaos Theory 2 LXXXIV
Chaos Theory 2 CCVI (stained label)
Cold Moon
Corazon (70% full)
Devil's Night (75% full) pending miaandmoe
Doc Constantine (stained label) pending miaandmoe
TAL Gnome (70% full)
Gypsy Queen (65% full) pending miaandmoe
House of Mirrors
Ides of March (80% full, stained label)
King of Diamonds
Lobban (50% full)
Melisande, the Puppet Mistress pending violetcatgirl?
Night's Pavilion
Organ Grinder
Parlement of Foules (85% full, stained label)
Phantom Calliope pending violetcatgirl?
Pink Moon (80% full)
TAL Power
Pulcinella & Teresina pending miaandmoe
Pumpkin Patch #3 (85% full)
Red Lantern (85% full)
Sleepy Moon (a) (85% full)
Sleepy Moon (b) (85% full)
Succor (55% full)
Tarot: The Fool (Lab imp)
Tarot: The Hanged Man (80% full) pending miaandmoe
Tarot: Temperance (Lab imp, 75% full)
TAL Temple: Celtic
TAL Temple: Norse
Torment (Lab imp, 75% full, stained label)
Val Sans Retour (Lab imp, 30% full, stained label)
Wildfire pending violetcatgirl?
Wolf Moon
Xanthe, the Weeping Clown
Yesod (Lab imp, taped label)
TAL Yemaya (1ml oil in "supersize" 2ml imp)

Bathed & Infused Funeral (30 ml perfume spray, 95% full. Contains perfumer's alcohol, so shipping will be higher)
DSH Rose Imperiale (1 dram roll-on)
LUSH Miranda soap (standard size chunk, limited edition)
LUSH Reincarnate shampoo bar (looks like about half size?)
LUSH Trichomania shampoo bar (looks like about half size?)
Matilda Maze Menagerie Garden Mist (roll-on, markings on label)

I am a bear of very little brain and long customs forms bother me, so I will probably only ship within the United States. Also, sometimes my online time is limited; if I don't respond to your comment/email within 60 seconds, I am not ignoring you.

You can leave me a message here, or at latzonik@ or latzoni@ .
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