Molly Moon (mollymoon) wrote in travelling_imps,
Molly Moon


Could you guys sound off if you've had and then sent off the T_I box? And if you happen to be the person that has it?

I asked a few weeks back who had it and got no reply, so I'm trying to track it down to see where it is on the list.


Also, the 2nd box hasn't left the station here yet, due to some goings on. I'll post when it does and who should look for it first.
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I had the box a couple months ago, and sent it along. :D
Oh my God, Molly, I feel so, so horrible right now.

I packed up the box MONTHS ago and thought I mailed it off, and put it out of my mind. And just now when I saw this, I was trying to remember when I mailed it off so I could sound off, and got this horrible sinking feeling as I realized I couldn't actually remember having dropped it off at the post office-- only having packed it up and stuck the label on and put it by the door to mail...

...and somehow it got tidied away, because I just found it sitting on the top shelf of my closet under my suitcase. I am so, so, so, so sorry.

I will mail it off first thing tomorrow and... I will find some way to make it up to the community for sitting on it all this time. Next time I have any money I will buy you each a bottle, or something. I apologize most abjectly to everyone for this. Aiieeee. *hides in shame*
Sweetie, given everything you went through this summer, you totally get a pass. No worries, I'm just glad that you had it.

Also, I need a new addy for you now that you're no longer in FLA for the 2nd box.