Kathryn (myskat) wrote in travelling_imps,

swappers paradise

5 ml:

Anabel Lee: a few drops shy of full with reducer cap

Tenochtitlan  full

Belle Epoque just below the label

Berenice, fresh from the lab

Parlement of Foules  just recieved in sale from a forum member, just below label and seller swears this is how it came from the lab d/t the new 5 ml machines.

Khajuraho  full from the lab

Red lantern full from the lab

Smut  full from the lab


Can decant: the world, milk moon into bethie nova's cute little imp sized bottles

I'll try to list imps later, I have a gajillion!
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I'd be happy to take Belle Epoche off your hands, saves me having to reorder it this spring.

I have City in the Sea, Shill, Lorelei, Queen of Sheba, Lightning and Strawberry Moon available for swap. Since its a scent I know and love, I don't mind swapping a LE for GC straight up.
I think my Parlement of Foules came straight from the Lab looking a bit low in level, too.

Conversely, my Sleepy Moon was almost full to the brim!

Shoot. I want to try Red Lantern, but I don't have any bottles I'm looking to swap at the moment. :(
I don't like it enough to imp it out but I'll be glad to sell it to you. lab price ( 16?) plus 2 for shipping.
Well, funds are short right now and I need to start carving out enough to lay by in case I love this month's Lunacy...and a 5ml of Jack... But thank you for offering!
oh and if you decide you don't like sleepy moon... :)
Can't help you there...it's lovely.
I'm interested in Tenochtitlan, Smut, Parlement of Foules and Berenice, in that order. I've got:

Pink Phoenix
Holiday Moon
Carnivale Revisited (just below shoulder)
Blood Moon (label smudgy)
Midnight Mass
The Perfumed Garden

Any interest? We can negotiate any GC/LE imbalance...