Kathryn (myskat) wrote in travelling_imps,

travelling imps

can we set up a real box of travelling imps?  one we can add to or take from in the same quantities of LE/GC?  I'd love to do this and maybe add notes to each other or other goodies?

Just a thought :)
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I am totally up for that. I would even be happy (once I am able) to make a special Travelling Imps box for it.

Maybe on GC blends we could have a policy of "take an imp, give an imp" should someone want to keep one too. But all imps would be open for testing.

Worth some thought, great idea hon!!!
yup yup, sounds like a plan! what a nice way to play with bpal without kicking in tons of money! I know I have fallen in love with quite a few scents I would not have otherwise tried because if my friend Liz and I sharing our imp and bottle boxes :) ( ihvpave, the one I told you about)
Sent her an invite. If it doesn't arrive in her email, tell her to go to "Manage->Communities" to accept it.

I can make a box that will hold 100 imps and easily fit inside one of the free mailers for Priority shipping from the USPS.

I think I'll do it (assuming more than just you and I like this idea) as a Wanderlust theme and leave the bottom unvarnished -- That way, each person that gets the box can sign it. Once its been signed by everyone, I'll varnish the bottom and it could be something we send to Beth as a keepsake from her "fans".

Of course, I'd make us a new box then :)

Ideas are coming fast and furious!
That is a wonderful idea!!!!
I love this idea!
That sounds wonderful! How fun!!!
Wow, that would be cool!
Count me in.