madam ypsilon (erised1810) wrote in travelling_imps,
madam ypsilon

short introduction

Hello. I've been invited to join this group. I'm a bit new to bpal though, so I'll just say I'm very muc hcuriosu and itnerested in the project wit the imp box, and am glad my friend siriusstar introduced me to this stuff.

I have 11 imps:
ltl Saints 2005 (reminescetn of cathedrals; nice home-scent but feels weird on me)
blood moon (only sniffed from the bottle, somewhat heavy)
budding moon (joy ina bottle, very spring-like and floral)
Clio (agai nfro mthe bottle, rather heavy of lavendar)
jacob's ladder (light and friendl yt osensitive noses)
peacock queen (aven't tried yet, can't remember what it sniffed like from the bottle),
pink phoenix (scented candles and vanilla beans. i'm mixed aboutthis-one),
snow moon (haven'ttried yet),
numb and saitn germaine (tried both today and a bit too soon after each other since my nose is still filled with both scents. nubm is aquatic and soapy, stgermaine turns a bit into potpouri (eureka! i was wondering for the last half hour what this remindedme of)
so I have pot pouri and refreshing cucumber lotion in my nose. I have 'proper' reviews on my ow nlj butheyr'e abit rushed and full of gutthoughts and also un-tagged. I'll polish them up this weekend and repost the mall her if anyone likes.
Thank you for this group.
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