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Sisterhood of the Travelling Imps

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This is a closed community of BPAL addicts for the purpose of selling/swapping imps and bottles amongst trusted friends. Purely swapping for the love of it, and for the joy of discovering new BPAL treats. Offering other items to swap is allowed, but please try to keep each post you make at least partially BPAL related.

If you want in, email mollymoon. Her email is on her userinfo page.

1) All posts should be locked.
2) Keep your posts up to date using the 'Edit' feature, particularly if you are posting in more than one BPAL comm.
3) No drama, please.
4) I'm serious about the no drama thing. I don't expect to have to act like a mod, but if and when I do, consider this your warning. You won't get three strikes. Life is too short not to treat others with respect, and that's all I'm asking.

Admittance to this comm is purely at the discretion of MollyMoon. She reserves the right to reject anyone, though honestly, this is more an issue of trust. If you have good BPAL feedback and can be rec'd by some of the members of this comm for membership, you're likely to get in.